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84 inch LED from LG to hit Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Earlier, we posted about 55 inch OLED from LG will be presented at CES 2011 . Looks LG has not felt fulfilled with it. In addition to this 55 inch OLED, LG is planning to introduce 84-inch "ultra definition"  OLED  (3840x2160)TV at Las Vegas.With this news, I am sure LG competitors will be upgrading their product requirement specifications. Being ultra definition product, it has build-in SmartTV ,3D support,upgraded magic remote and voice control. All features and price of this product are unknown at this moment and will be revealed soon by LG. LG had plan for 4K resolution TV panel display at CES( Consumer Electronics Show) , but unfortunately they couldn't make it and decided to go with 55-inch and 84-inch OLED TV's. Looks TV manufacturing companies are going crazy about its inventions.As days are passing by, width of TV's are getting thinner and length is becoming wider.I am sure 84-inch is not end of t

5mm Slimmest and 55 inch Wide LG OLED TV to rock soon

LG is planning to introduce its new revolutionary product in coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012. Every ever there will be many products which surprise people with their innovation. LG is confident that their product Slimmest 5mm thick and Largest OLED TV with 55 inch screen will be the centre of attraction in this CES event. Coming to technology used in this OLED screen, LG uses an oxide thin film transistor instead of the usual low temperature poly-silicon from smaller OLED screens. This technique reduces overall production cost which in-turn reduces selling cost. This will make their amazing product more affordable by many customers. Cost and features are not yet clearly known. Stay tuned for more information. What do you think about this Slimmest TV ? Do you wanna buy one  ? What do you think the cost of this TV ? Please feel free to drop your comments. Source  : techatlast