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Light phone : Your phone to be away from your phone. Credit card sized phone.

Increase use of Smart phone has made people busy 24x7. When we get free time we keep our self busy chatting, watching videos, playing games. None will realise that we are moving away from real life to a unknown virtual life.

Instead of taking our children to park, we feel comfortable staying indoor and playing games or chatting with friends using Smart phones. This is just an example. As days goes by we are not sure how lazy these devices will make us.

Don't take me wrong, using Smart Phone doesn't make us lazy but over usage is always dangerous isn't ?

What if we go back again to square one. Get disconnected from the world and use phone only to make calls. Is there any such device ? Is it possible to get a phone with this minimal features ? I am not talking about antique phones which are lying around in our storage from ages.

I came across a website "the lightphone" where they have come up with a credit card sized light phone which can be carried in your wallet…

Knock in Phone or Tocofono : Award winning Concept

Invention of social networking sites like facebook,twitter and other help people to be in contact with their friends and family in their busy life's. To make it more easier and quite handy, Toctofono or Knockin Phone was introduced. This is just a concept design which was presented in Samsung Young Design Award 2011 submission to answer the challenge of creating new electronics of new families.

People are getting isolated day by day. Many doesn't even know about our neighbours. We rarely smile at them when we see them. This Knockin phone is basically designed to collaborate smart neighbourhood system. Just choose the neighbour on display panel and knock on the wooden panel to make a call.

It also allows you to connect to other neighbours for various activities like car pooling,shopping , going out to common places, to know more about them and many more.

Watch this video to know more about Knockin Phone

Knockinphone_neighbourhood collaboration system from andrea de chirico on V…

What if we change Home Land line and Desk Phones Fancy like Smart Phones ?

How often do you use your desk phone after Smart phones occupied their place with flexible and attractive designs ?  Though they are de prioritised they will be life savers in emergency.

If design is problem why can we make them fancy and classic ? Yes  designer FORM & DRANG has come up with a concept design. The design will tempt you to use it more often.

With features like touch screen,customisation options and other advanced settings will add more spice to it.So will be opting this design if this product arrives in market ? Please drop your comments .

Source : YD