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How to Take Better Photos With A Smartphone?

Smartphones have become the necessity of modern days. They help us to perform many activities in our daily life. One of the best features of smartphones these days is good cameras. These cameras on the phones help you take snapshots without having you to carry a second device. So if you just want to use your smartphone for taking photos, then take a look at some of the tips that will help you to take perfect shot.

Clean the Lens Most of the time smartphones are placed in purses, pockets and hands. This leads to accumulation of lint and oils on the surface of the lens of the camera. Take some time to clean your lens before taking next photograph.  
Keep your Hands Steady For a better snapshot it is very important to keep your hands steady while taking the shot. One of the ways to lessen your movement is to lean against a sturdy object. You can even balance your phone across some objects.
Lights Natural light is normally your friend while taking photos. In order to remove the extra shadows …

Amazing USB stick resembling small DSLR lens

Photojojo products are really amazing. They show their creativity in design of their products. Came USB drive is one among them.

The camera shaped USB is replica of a DSLR with the powerful file holding ability of 4GB. Just like DSLR, the USB detaches from the camera body.With this you can say bye bye to your rectangular USB flash.

This will be an ultimate collection of technology gadgets. What do you say ? Drop your views in comments.
Source : photojojo

World's best Digital Compact Camera

Gone all days where owning a camera to capture a shot was expensive and difficult to carry with. Thanks to evolving Digital Technology, Camera has become handy and now available in Phones,Camera's and Camcorders.

In market, there are many Digital Camera's which are compact, portable and provide higher resolution photos with great features.But the one which does it's best will be rated THE BEST.
In 2011, Technical Image Press Association rated  Nikon COOLPIX P300 the world's best Digital Compact camera.
Nikon should feel proud for making this wonderful Digital Camera.
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iPhone 4 new SLR camera Gadget from Photojojo

Iphone 4, a wonderful mobile gadget to own in current digital world. It comes with rear and front cameras. Rear camera is good enough to capture decent snaps for sharing with Friends and Family.

This feature is an added advantage to iPhone users. There is no need to carry their compact digital cameras along with them all the time.

What if iPhone4 comes up with a new hardware to attach Digital SLR lens to its powerful camera ?

Yes, Photojojo store released the iPhone SLR Mount, a hardware attachment that  allows you to use your fancy Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens while shooting pictures with your iPhone.

With this additional add-on hardware we can even get good resolution snaps.In current world, smart phones are arriving with sufficient mega pixel resolution features. But the lacking feature is zooming lens which are used for capturing exceptional shots.

We need to wait and see for further enhancement of this product.

This product is available in market with decent price of $249 for the…