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Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest

Pinterest, the social photo sharing website, is growing at a phenomenal speed as more and more businesses and individuals are showing interest in this unique image-based social networking platform. Pinterest prohibits the display of any direct trade related content by businesses on its site. But, there are lots of ways in which businesses can use Pinterest to build their brands and increase revenues. Pinterest can increase traffic of a website as the pins you create link back to their source locations.
 Here are the 7 cool ways to use pinterest as part of your social media marketing mix:
Creating Custom Product and Audience-Specific Pinboards Businesses can create custom product pinboards of the products sold by them and indirectly market their products. These pinboards offer custom combinations of products to consumers for specific purposes. Alternatively, businesses can also create custom pinboards for different segments of their target audience. But, it should be kept in mind that Pin…

New Photo Editing tools introduced in Photobucket.

Taking snaps whenever we need has became easy with smartphones. Its really good not to miss amazing snaps in our daily routine. We are very lucky to be born in technology era.

Many people around the world update more than a million snaps daily to social networks showing where and with whom they are hanging out.

Many people copy their pictures to their laptop or computer and edit to make photos look more amazing than they are. They use photo editing tools for editing them.

To make easy for customers, many free image storage sites are providing image editing tools. My favourite is photobucket. It has introduced amazing photo editing tool for editing pictures unique. Check this video to see how you can show your creativity.