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A year in review: Top 5 Smart Phones of 2014

Due to the wide variety of smartphones available, you can easily choose the one that suits your preference. For techies this debate can start a brawl, “which was the best smartphone of 2014?” However we must pay tribute to the greats of the year gone by.   
Here is a list of five top smartphones of the year 2014:
Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are no doubt the top phones of the year 2014. Many people bought iPhone 6 plus with the intention of returning it after trying it for a week or so. Most of them ended up keeping it after using it for a week. Apple’s iPhone 6 plus is not suited for every person especially for those who do not like to carry big phones. 
Although, many people changed their mind and changed their wardrobe and that was just for keeping iPhone 6 plus in their pockets. Rest of the people bought iPhone 6. Both these phones have excellent quality cameras. Apple’s iPhone 6 plus came with extra optical image stabilization and storage capacity. 
These two …

Samsung Galaxy Note White released in South Korea :

Samsung has released "Samsung Galaxy Note White" in South Korea. Earlier, Samsung has released black edition which sold 60,000 units till now.
Images shared in flickr show glimpse of this white beauty with few models displaying and giving demo. Phone looks smarter than the models. I know you don't agree with me :).

This device runs Android Ginger Bread OS and will be upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the first quarter of 2012.It comes with a special S Pen stylus and this is the biggest smartphone featuring 5.3 inch display with 1280x800 pixels.

Source :sammyhub