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Free tool to Print screen and store captured files automatically to a specific folder you need !!!

This post is for Windows 7 users who struggle a lot to print screen and save the capture data into a JPEG,PNG etc files.

In Windows 7 and prior Windows platform to capture a screen shot, you need to go through following steps.
Alt+PrintScreenWin+R ("run")type "mspaint" enterCtrl-V (paste)Ctrl-S (save)use file dialogAlt-F4 (close mspaint)Dont you think its a tedious process.  I think so. Why not use a software utility which does this task for you. 
Yes there is an utility called Screenshot Utility. This is an amazing tool which doesn't much computer skills to master it.
Just only two steps to follow:
Step 1 : Download the freely available utility from Screenshot Utility to your windows folder of your choice.
Step 2: Install by double clicking the downloaded executable and follow below images. <

How to Download and Install Cam Studio Free Screen Capture tool

For a quite long time, I was wondering if there is any free software to capture screen. I cam across "CamStudio" which is one of the best and top FREE Screen capture tool. I have prepared a video on how to download and install free Cam Studio free software. Below video is done with Cam Studio software. Watch this video and enjoy screen capturing.

 Please do share you thoughts on this video. Is it really helpful to you ? Does it need any additional changes for better understanding ? Please share your thoughts in comments.