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Shredder clock : Helps you to wakeup early in the morning

Time is Money. If you loose it, you cant recover a single penny.This is a known fact.You plan to wake up early in the morning. When alarm sounds, your laziness makes you to choose snooze option.If you have habit of snoozing alarm and loosing valuable time, then Shredder clock helps you to overcome this problem.

Before going to bed, feed $1,$20 or $100 any denomination but should be in paper form to shred.Whenever clock hits alarm time, shredder clock will wait for a while till you shut it down manually. This doesnt have snooze option.If you fail to do so, Shredder Clock will start cutting your money into pieces which cant be used anywhere.

For those who are planning to attend Gym early in the morning, this will be the best option to wake up. What do you say ? Feel free to post your comments.

Source : gajitz