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Smart Window to hit market soon from Samsung : Must watch video

Few months back, we read about " Zoom in outside world through car window : Window to the World TOYOTA ". Now Samsung unveils the smartest window to your house. Many of us spend time looking outside windows. To keep you update on weather,time, social networking or any other updates, this smartest window is designed. If you see this snap, lady Ashley Esqueda from Mobile Nation s says "Quite frankly,I feel like I am in Minority Report that's really awesome". So soon we are going to live in a house with smart window which you can browse through  web while watching out.  Worrying if somebody from outside can guess what you are doing ? There is no need to worry, this window is one sided pane, everything outside appears to you but nothing can be seen from the other side. There is a widget option which will enable you to add more and more widgets on the window to make your life quite easier. Apart from browsing and checking social networking sites,it has