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Technology behind touch screen of smart phones

Touch screen concept has transformed many mobile phones, laptops into geeky gadgets.Many doesn't know that there are different technologies behind this touch screen.For those who want to know about types of touch screen, differences between them and which one to choose, following details will help.  In brief, there are 3 types of touch screen technologies available in market. 1. Resistive touchscreen Physical pressure need to be applied. Response to any touch. Multi touch not supported Less cost Made of polyester layer over a glass Fair durability Poor visibility Technology used in Samsung Messages Touch,HTC Diamond,LG Dare phones 2.Capacitive Touchscreen Based on electronic charge. Responds only when touched with some sort of conductive materials. Multi touch is supported Average cost Made of glass Good Durability Good Visibility Technology used in Huawei Ascend,Sanyo Zio,Apple's iPhone,HTC Hero,DROID Eris,Palm Pre,Blackberry Storm phones. 3.Infrared to