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Product Review - Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

Introduction/Overview When we talk about email server and some related terms, things get sophisticated automatically. In fact, you need to pay more attention to what is being discussed and how significant it is for you being the Exchange administrator. Exchange Server, though, is quite a lot in use in organizations all over the world, aimed at providing a secure email based communication. However, you cannot deny issues coming into view at different phases of Exchange Server implementation, while a few ones result in Exchange corruption or failure at the end of the day. Fixing Exchange corruption needs professional Exchange Server Recovery software with ease of usage so that there is no extra overhead and data loss ultimately. Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery claims to repair the corrupt MS Exchange Server databases and restore all the inaccessible mailboxes in PST files, which you can directly import into Outlook client. How it Works? The software exhibit

Tips and Tricks to make reverse scrolling in windows like OS X Lion

Recently Apple has added an interesting feature to its OS X lion by the name of reverse scrolling. So what exactly is reverse scrolling? If this question is rattling your mind, read on to know the details as also some tips and tricks to make reverse scrolling in windows like OS X Lion. In usual circumstances you you scroll the finger downwards and the document moves down on the screen of your computer. In reverse scrolling you will need to do the opposite. Scroll upwards with your finger as the document is moving downwards. Innovative as it seems, reverse scrolling is just the beginning of a range of innovative features that will make your experience of working on the PC memorable. So how do you do it. Read on to know the details on the method to be followed to make your windows PC compatible for reverse scrolling. Install AutoHotKey software Install AutoHotKey software on your PC. This software helps in automation of the repetitive tasks. As you launch the AutoHotKey so

Top 5 free corrupt RAR recovery software

As you may have noticed, most of the movies, software or games that you download these days are uploaded on file sharing websites using the RAR file format, created using WinRAR. It is invaluable in saving disk space as it compresses the data on files. Although WinRAR works well to extract RAR files, sometimes you may encounter an error like “Unexpected end of file” or “CRC checks failure”. These errors can be due to incomplete archive download or files write failure in the hard disk. There are many tools available that can recover or repair damaged RAR files. Here are some of the better ones. Advanced RAR Repair is one of the most popular free to try RAR recovery software. It has an intuitive, easy to use interface that even beginners will have no problems using. It is extremely fast and efficient and reports all the recoverable items in any corrupt RAR archive file. All you have to do is select the RAR archive file you want to repair and set the output destination and this sof

Image editing made very very easy : Scalado applications

Have you heard about Scalado ? If not then its time to know more about it and feel great. I am sure it will show you one more reason to love your mobile. Scalado team involves in developing compelling imaging applications.Their  software offers great advantages in capturing, viewing and creating images. This technology is proven and ships in millions of mobile devices around the world. It will significantly shorten your time-to-market and offer real imaging differentiation. All applications will effectively utilize the touch screen technology in your gadget to provide you an easy way to edit and compose your pictures. I feel Scalado will be our future/present mobile imaging technology. I was totally amazed by watching the demo videos shared in their website. Scalado official video says that "scalado is the imaging center of gravity". You will surely agree after watching these videos. Taking Group Photos made easy : Say, you are trying to capture a group pho

iCloud update to Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

A week passed Apple has released Mac OS X Lion 10.7. Now Apple has released an update 10.7.2.If you think Apple released this update to correct any bugs, then you are wrong.This update is to introduce a new feature iCloud. If you are eager to use iCloud technology, update this patch. To know more about iClould , you should read this article " Apple to expand iCloud technology all over the world " Source Engadget

Long awaited Mac OS X Lion arrived in Apple stores

Apple launched OS X Lion 10.7, the first major upgrade to its operating system software in two years. It size is around 3.74GB. Currently, Lion is only available only through Internet. There is no physical media like USB stick or DVD's released. For this upgrade.If you have slow internet connection you need to wait until August for $70 flash drive or can walkin  into Apple retail store for upgrade. If you have high speed Internet, you can download it and make it bootable USB stick and DVD's. In order to upgrade, Lion requires Snow Lepord,Mac OS X10.6.6 or later. Apple claims that upgrading to Lion 10.7 brings 250 new features. Apple has newly introduced  a new feature Lion Recovery - When you have trouble, press command-R when you start up and you will be booted into recovery mode. Even where your hard disk is dead, pressing command-R will connect to apple server and download new version of Lion through Internet. For cost and overall review visit here .

HP TouchPad will it be a real competitor to Apple and Samsung ?

One more competitor for Ipad has arrived into market. Hewlett-Packard(HP), the world's leading computer manufacturer, has officially announced its new HP TouchPad. This TouchPad comes with WebOS, the mobile operating system developed by Palm, which Hp took over for $1.2 billion more than a year ago. WebOS is really good operating system for multitasking.TouchPad also runs 3G cellular networks.HP has announced that the size and cost of HP TouchPad will be equal to Ipad2 size and cost. But below are few Turn-offs compare to existing products (Ipad and Samsung Galaxy) in market No enough apps. No rear camera Heavy weight than competitors. More thicker than competitors. Front camera can be used only for Skype So lets see how TouchPad competes against major players in Apple,Samsung and others in market. Fore more details check this video below:

Driver Robot

Are you migrating from Windows vista to Windows 7 ? After migration, are there any issues with PC driver software? Is there any solution to fix these issue ? Yes, the Driver Robot software Drivers which work on  Windows Vista may no more work on Windows 7. To make it work, you either need to install correct software or install Driver Robot which does every thing for you.Driver Robot is a software which updates your driver software and also installs missing softwares in your PC or laptop. This product is not a freeware. It cost around $30. Need to buy it online .  If you feel its worth having all drivers up-to-date and hassle free driver installation of missing drivers, then why to waste time :) ?

Notepad Alternatives

Since evolution of Windows, notepad is the text composing software which comes as part and parcel of Window Operating system. Though its standard software for composing text, there are no additional features for advanced users. in notepad. Many people wonder if there are any alternative softwares to notepad. Yes there are. 1. Notepad++ 2. Baretail                       3. Win tail Notepad++ is a free software. It allows you to highlight string or set of strings. We can even open texts in tabs. Baretail is fantastic software for capturing runtime logs and also log monitor. It also provides automatic string highlight features which makes easy to identify particular text in runtime logs. Win tail is similar to Baretail but no automatic string higlighting feature. Use Notepad++ as an alternative for notepad for composing text. Baretail and Wintail for runtime long monitoring.