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The Future of the Laser in Technology

Lasers are an advancement in engineering and technology that has numerous versatile uses. In present day, we can recognise lasers to be used in TVs , science and as sources of cutting into materials. As expected, lasers in technology have a huge future in front of them that will potentially change the face of modern technology and science. Each sector that makes use of the laser can anticipate a positive impact made by developing technologies. There are already sectors within the technology sector that will use new developments that promise to only better their success. Familiar uses of lasers in technology can be broken into some of the following groups: Laser Eye Surgery This is the process in which the laser reshapes the cornea of a bad sighted eye and aims to correct it to a regular eye format that hopes to help the patient see better - removing any short or long sightedness they may have. These compact lasers have a fantastic ability to change the hum

Technology and Retirement: The Top 5 Ways Technology Helps the Elderly

With medical technology improving in leaps and bounds, the elderly are living longer with full lives even into their 90s. Technology enhances their lives in other ways by bringing loved ones closer on a daily basis. From immediate medical assistance to brain memory games, technology helps the elderly stay connected to the world. Security Systems Through Vivint home security and automation, elderly people can communicate with a security professional if they feel threatened. If your loved one hears a suspicious sound outside, they simply press the control panel to engage in two-way communication. Security professionals can send emergency or medical personnel to the site, if needed. Doctors Play a Role Doctor's visits can be numerous as you age, but some appointments are simply a well-being checkup. Through video chats, your doctor can contact elderly patients for basic appointments over the computer. Although physical checkups are still necessary, remote patient moni

Ten years of tech

It's been a momentous decade for technological advance. Read on to see how far we've come and reminisce about a time where things were simple; that’s right - 2003. With an influx of anniversaries recently - the fortieth year of the cell phone, the twentieth year of the internet and the tenth anniversary of tech tools that have become an integral part of our life, like iTunes and Skype - we’ve taken a look back at the past ten years of technology. Read on to feel old and amazed in equal measures. Flashback to 2003 2003 doesn't feel like that long ago does it? Cast your mind back to what you were doing. Maybe you were gasping over the t.A.T.u. music video on MTV, wondering who these Black Eyed Peas were, queuing at the movies to see the last Lord of the Rings film or asking people if they'd seen the new show "Two and a Half Men". Of course, if you hadn't seen it, you'd just have to wait Blockbuster got the DVD in. Unless someone had taped it

How Can I Unblock YouTube Using A Free VPN?

What is a VPN? A VPN is a network of computers and servers connected via the internet.  The word “virtual” comes from the fact that the network isn't physically connected the way normal networks are. As stated, the computers are connected virtually over the internet.  The word “private” refers to the fact that communications transmitted over the network are encrypted and thus are hidden from computers not on the network. VPN's can help with accessing websites that are blocked or unable to be processed due to one reason or another. The websites are blocked by network administrators at our workplaces, schools, and even national governments in the case of a few websites. Hotspot Shield is a popular free VPN software that allows you to unblock YouTube at school or at your office. Why use a VPN? VPN is a great technological advance of recent times as it completely secures data being sent over the network through encryption.  Also, it assigns you a new IP address.  This

Tips and Techniques to Use 3D CAD Animation Technology

3D CAD animation software are generally more advanced than your average 2D/3D CAD software for they provide 3D animators with extensive tools to accomplish basic 2D and 3D models,  advanced mechanical models, animating the models and creating video renderings of these models. Which makes your average 3D animation technology an all round tool for modeling, creating story boards and animation videos but mastering this user interfaces can be quite difficult due to its extensive abilities and steep learning curve. This article would be providing simple tips in using 3D CAD animation software for beginners to help you avoid the mistakes that occur when learning by yourself. These tips cut across all the major animation software available for commercial use and as the saying goes, learning any particular 3D user interface gives you the basic knowledge for learning all. Tips for 3D Character Animations Character animation which also stands for object modeling can be done using d

Architectural Design Technology

Latest 3D Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology As 2013 draws near, all major CAD manufactures have outlined their plans for producing enhanced graphics interfaces, CAD workstations and 2D/3D modelling software to handle the ever changing demands of CAD users. Leading the raise in designing the latest CAD technology for architects, Engineers and graphics designers are the major CAD software companies which includes: Autodesk (the renowned producers of the AutoCAD series), Microstation, ArchiCAD, Hewlett Packard (the leading producers of CAD work stations) and even Google has joined the CAD community with its latest technology. What to Expect From 2013 Architectural Design Software AutoCAD2013:- Keeping with their 3 year development cycle, Autodesk released its 27th version of its AutoCAD design software to the public and as expected, Engineers and Architects have been gifted with a new user-interface which becomes apparent to the user right from the begi

Smart Window to hit market soon from Samsung : Must watch video

Few months back, we read about " Zoom in outside world through car window : Window to the World TOYOTA ". Now Samsung unveils the smartest window to your house. Many of us spend time looking outside windows. To keep you update on weather,time, social networking or any other updates, this smartest window is designed. If you see this snap, lady Ashley Esqueda from Mobile Nation s says "Quite frankly,I feel like I am in Minority Report that's really awesome". So soon we are going to live in a house with smart window which you can browse through  web while watching out.  Worrying if somebody from outside can guess what you are doing ? There is no need to worry, this window is one sided pane, everything outside appears to you but nothing can be seen from the other side. There is a widget option which will enable you to add more and more widgets on the window to make your life quite easier. Apart from browsing and checking social networking sites,it has

Clean water baby bath tub

If you are  using bathtub, why not your baby? Clean water baby bath tub is developed with technology to control temperature of water and also purify water. This product assures the security and safety of your child. This can hold babies of 5 to 25 pounds. Switch on the tap into the tub and wait for a while to give a warm water bath to your baby now. Source of this post : ThinkGeek

Map Projector : MAPTOR will help you to reach your destination

Are you lost on your way, do you hate asking directions ? Here is the solution MAP projector. In short, MAPTOR. Earlier people use to use papers to carry maps. Due to evolving technology, now people use smart phone apps for navigation. Goolge maps are the best maps with various features. One problem with  smart phones and navigation gadgets doesn't give flexibility of projecing map on any surface. MAPTOR does that. MAPTOR was designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park. This device look like lipstick in shape.Its very compact and stylish too.MAPTOR is a combination of maps and projector. Inbuilt GPRS is really a cool feature. You can just hang it to your neck and travel anywhere, if you are lost  use MAPTOR to know your location and way to your destination by projecting map on any surface. It doesn't matter where you project, either your palm or a wall, it will help you to reach your destination. Designers: Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park Watch this video to kno

Zoom in outside world through car window : Window to the World TOYOTA

 Toyota Motor Europe along with Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design has come up with a new technology called "Window to the World". This is technology looks amazing. Using this "Window to the world" concept people inside car can know more information about the outside world. Sitting in a car, listening to music and gazing outside world is the normal way. But with this technology, you can pinch on the window and zoom in into the outside world picture and see things clearly. This technology can also be used while car is in motion. Best part is this concept is interactive. It names the items you pinch through car audio system. Behind every amazing technology,there will be one or the other problem. Problem here is the privacy. Using this technology may not be practical because, people don't want other to sit in car and monitor about them using this concept. So,lets hope this technology will come up with various precautions to restrict the traveller inside

Flying car about to fly next year in Great Britan

Terrafugia Transition craft is ready to fly over British Traffic. Fed up with Traffic ? Seeking new way to skip and fly over Traffic. Here is the dream come to machine. A flying car. Yes, flying car retailing for £1,50,000 ($242,000) could be flying over British traffic next year. It's a two seat plane that transforms into a car at touch of a button.Many Britons are showing interest in this new trend setting machine.It can fly only 500 miles (800 km) on a single tank of fuel and can lift off from almost any long straight road. It has a top speed of 100km/h  on road and 185km/h in air. It's wings fold up in 15 seconds."This breakthrough changes the world of personal mobility", the founder of this machine Carl Dietrich said. This is the dream of aviation enthusiasts who are striving for since 1918.  Not but not the least, this would be available to those with a light aircraft licence. Watch this video to know how the flying car fetches its wings to sky

Pocket Bluetooth Keybord from verbatim

Verbatim has released a new pocket keyboard gadget for available tablets in market,iPod,iPhone and iPad 1/iPad 2 devices. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your bluetooth enabled tablet, then Verbatim Mobile Keyboard will be perfect to choose. Features: Ultra compact design for maximum portability Carrying case. Build-in media console allowing you to play,pause and control iTunes Music with touch of button. A retractable iPhone stand Hot Keys compatibility chart For system requirements, Specifications and benefits click here . Watch this video to know more about this device If you like this post you may like Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++  Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in Projector New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets

Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++

Microvision Inc has just announced the second generation of its SHOWWX laser pico projector which was released in November 2010. The new SHOWWX++ is very compact and fits in your back pocket.SHOWWX++ uses laser scanning technology to display images. As its predecesssor, SHOWWX++ is powered by the same PicoP display engine Features: Pocket friendly size 50 percent brighter display than predecessor Projects 16:9 wide screen images Upto 848x480 pixel resolution Contrast ration 5000:1 Projects images ranging from 15 to 250cm(6-100inches) Rechargeable  batteries (2 hours) Infinite Focus Plug & Play Thin & light Movie Capable Wide field view Wide Screen resolution This product is specially made for iPod,iPhone and iPad. This is also compatible with other devices like smart phone,TV/Video-Output adapter, camcoders and cameras. Various accessories are available for this device from Microvision . Know about them here . New SHOWWX++ now supports HDMI out. This product is no

HTC status arrives in market with unique button for facebook

HTC has come up with HTC Status powered with Google Android OS.This smart phone has unique button at bottom for facebook compared with other smart phones in the market. Pressing this facebook button will take you to a separate window which actually allows you to write status, share a link or photo or video to a friend. Whenever you get a message or notification in your facebook, then light behind this facebook button starts blinking for your attention. You can call this as a social networking phone because it also contains twitter integrated into it. Specifications: Android Operating system 2.6 inch touch screen, Full keyboard with facebook button. 512 internal storage with included 2Gigs microSD. Supports all Android apps available in market Arc shape design which makes chatting ease. Front camera and Rear 5MP camera The Status sells for $50 with a two-year 3G data plan from AT&T For more details about HTC Status click here Watch this video for brief overview

Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in Projector

Sony's another creative product has arrived. Sony has released HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in projector. This is the first camcoder with built in projector. A new revolution in camcoder market. Apart from built-in projector, Sony has provided 7.1 Mega pixel with 12x optical zoom. These advanced camera features are rarely seen in camcoder. Sony HDR-PJ50 contains an internal Hard Disk of 220GB capacity. You can record Full HD movies at 1080p using thsi camcoder. It also provides GPRS facility. You can geographically tag your photos and videos. Once recording is done, just project the recorded content. With this newly arrived built in camcoder technology we can expect smart phones with projectors in near future. Read full product review here . Price in India : Rs 59,990 Price in US    : $999 Watch how built-in projector works in this camcoder.

New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets

Sony is getting ready to introduce its new unique folding tablets S1 and S2 into digital market. To say, its quite late Sony has entered tablet market. There are many digital tablets available in current market. In this tablet market, Apple's the major player with its iPad2 product will be the number 1 for coming two years. Sony is targetting to take second  place with this product. First glimpse at Sony S1 and S2 product, its quite evident that Sony has come up with creative and unique folding type tablet. This is the first folding tablet in the market. Coming to specification, Sony S1 Android 3.2 Operating system. 1GB RAM 1GHz NVIDIA dual core processor, Dual Camera, 9.4inch Touch screen 1280x800p resolution Design looks like folded magazine Supports DLNA for two way transfer of content with non Sony devices. Infrared remote control technology (Universal remote) Play station certified 3G/4G HSPA Wifi Support for Qriocity music and video service. Sony S2 And

Is it worth buying a Kindle ?

There is no doubt Amazon Kindle is an amazing thin, weightless and wireless e-book reader. This product has fair share of advantages in evolving digital market. It has changed the way people read books, news papers, magazines. Kindle offers the possibility of storing your e-books on an SD card,and seeing how little space these take, memory wise, it is more than enough. Kindle is a wireless device. It can connect to Internet through 3G connection.It offers access to many ebooks that can be bought from Amazon. Besides these advantages, it has its own drawbacks. Wireless reading is basically a trap to its customers  from Amazon. For wireless reading pdfs and personal documents on Kindle is not a piece of cake.First you need to upload documents to Amazon, and use them from there by paying a fee. There are many tablets available in market which provide Kindle apps. Though they come with more price tag when compared to Kindle, they offer other multimedia features.   So customers ne