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Worlds most Expensive and Complicated Watch

There are no limits for imaginations,luxury and inventions. Urwerk has come up with UR-1001 Zeit a  luxury range timepiece made of precious jewelry and metals.

This Sci-Fi looking watch tracks time from seconds to a full millennium. It contains indicators to remind you about servicing for every three years. Dials in this watch displays hours,minutes,seconds,day,night,date,month,millennium indicator,service indicator. God we should praise the designer for such a complex watch with various parameters.

According to bornrich, the main body is made from a special alloy called Titanium Aluminum Nitride coated on a stainless steel base, and the internal mechanisms contain 51 jewels including precious stones, and DLC treated main-plate and base plate, which speaks of the novelty value of the watch.

 For every horological geek, and futuristic watch lover, this is one piece you would love to get your hands on.

Source : bornrich