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World’s most expensive new car - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ‘Sang Noir’

According to bornrich, Tom Hartley, a name which is known for dealing with high-end used vehicles is one behind this particular vehicle’s sale, and pegs this car price to be $3.40 million.

Its fitted with robust and fine automobile technology in modern times, several features in the car has also been customized like the inner trimmings and the external chassis as well.

The body features a dual texture of matte black and glossy carbon fiber finishing, and interiors have been done with a contrast of tangerine trimmings. The steering wheel ring, the door sill plates, seats and armrest all have this bright colored trimming, which was done especially for the vehicle’s owner.

Customized fittings include the transparent rear lights, black anodized ‘EB’ logo, diamond cut alloy wheels and roof rails with aluminium polishing. The engine as we know generates 1200 BHP of power, which is 200 BHP higher than the standard version.

 This enables the car to zoom from a 0-100 km/ph in just 2.5 seconds, …