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Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for IPhone

There are numerous apps for editing photos on your iPhone. In fact, one is spoilt for choice in choosing a suitable application. The application chosen by one will be largely dependent on the individual's particular needs. Some apps are free while others have to be purchased. However, apps that require to be purchased are not necessarily the best. There are other free ones which can perform editing tasks even better. Below is some up- to-date photo editing apps for your iPhone device. Phonto: Popular for its simplicity, this app enables you to add text onto pictures. It features over 200 types of fonts. In addition, other fonts can be installed should the need arise. Photos created using this app can be shared on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Its unique layout feature, allows you to arrange multiple text in one go. The latest version 3.30 allows for creation of a color pattern and is compatible to iOS 6. Label box: This app ranks the top photo editing

How Social media can help to overcome Penguin updates?

Right at the time when SEO was experiencing a tremendous growth, Google started rolling its algorithm updates. The first update Google Panda caused quite a few changes which made the internet marketers unhappy. And the worse came when the Google Penguin update was made. Many websites faced a major downfall by losing their rankings. The Penguin is aimed at cutting down the number of duplicate contents online and to improve the quality of the content. Google releases these algorithms to transform the Internet into an informative place with original content. Now that you are terribly hit by the Penguin update, it is vital to get back to the rankings that your website had in the past. As you are on the road to recovery from the algorithm updates, practicing white hat technique is the best resolution. Methods to recover from Penguin is still under intensive research, and there are few tactics like.   Dispose unrelated links   Gain backlinks by guest blogging on relevant site

Are Social Media Activities a Wasting of Time?

‘Is social media a wastage of time?’ – This is a common question for the business professionals the answer for which is affirmative for many.  The present society is hyped by social media. It is often recommended that you open up an account with Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook and post something related to your business. You will experience a total change in your business scenario. However, the task is not that easy or simple. As you can understand from the name that social media was meant for social activities and not for businesses. This indicates that the rules for business engagement are completely different. Blend Pleasure with Business Many business personnel think that marketing through social media is nothing but wasting time. But if you have attended any business event, you must have seen how social activities are used for the promotion of business. Connecting to online friends through social media has a much different approach than marketing your business throug

American Express cardholders and Twitter cooperation

Social networks develop at a rapid speed due to fast growth of computer services and Internet technologies. These innovative systems were a real revolution in 20-th century. Appearing not so long ago they have entered life routine and greatly changed it. No one now imagines life without even spending a few minutes in search of different sites. Social network that comprises a lot of users and is regarded one of popular ones among ten major social networks is Twitter. Each day new Twitter followers are added due to carefully designed future development scheme. A new program that was launched between American Express cardholders and Twitter attracted many Twitter followers. This program has a marketing content and is directed to establish tight relationships between customers and retailers. During time saving methods undergo different changes. Over the recent five years more people look for online savings. According to new partnership between Twitter and AMEX many cardhol

Top 5 reasons why people unfollow you

Technological development has changed a lot of things in our lives. If several years ago we had to sit and write long and boring course or graduation papers, if we were to write everything with pen, now we can do that with “one eye monster” called computer. At first sight it seems that we have used computers for long years, but come and see that it has a history of a half century. At the beginning of the XX century the idea appeared then developed and became what we can’t live without.  However the invention of computer was nothing compared with that of the Internet . It has even shorter history but has managed to become a part of our lives; we eat, speak, sing, and sleep before the computer and due to the Internet. So the revolution has played enormous role in the lifestyle of humanity. Now we don’t have to go fishing, shopping, walking, as everything is possible to do on the Internet.  A number of games offer you everything: fishing, farming, agriculture, sort, cultu