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Handy Device to purify water : Zues Hydration Water Collector

Many know that 70% of Earth is water. How about drinking water ? Nobody knows.Do we have technology to change sea water to pure drinking water, yes we do have. Is it handy ? I don't think so.

Lack of awareness and unavailability of handy resources in rural areas, many people are getting affected with various viral fevers by drinking contaminated water. To resolve this, ZeusHydration Water collector concept was introduced by designer Kwan Ken Yon.

ZeusHydration collector can be used to collect rain water which is common practise in rural areas. The sponge present insider this device will act as a micro-filter when exposed to water. It soaks up any water and moisture. When compressed, the sponge will release clean and safe water.

This is quite handy and hygienic too. This device can also be used to purify water which are on the ground after rain fall.With this you can understand the capacity of this handy device to purify water for drinking.

Source : tuvie