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Colorful Creative ZIIIRO Celeste Watch : Add color to your life

Its a known fact that creativity has no limits. ZIIRO has proved it by introducing its latest design limited edition watches. This watch is named as ZIIRO Celeste watch. 
The face is a combination of beautiful colors and form, it displays the time by using two transparent colored discs.

By overlapping both discs, it creates an array of stylish blue and grey, in fact, we are drooling over the watch that mixes blue and yellow colors to turn some area into green.

This watch is not only a concept, you can actually pre-order from ZIIIRO this new collection which start shipping from Nov 18, 2011. ZIIIRO Celeste watch is available in 4 different colours of Black/Mono, Chrome/Colored, Gunmetal/Mono and Gunmetal/Colored.
Source : Tuvie

Sapphire Echo - Blue LED watch with Metal Strap

If you feel wearing old fashioned analog watch with choreographic features, then you are lagging behind. In this digital era, there is good demand for LED watches. There are many LED watches available in market.

Among the one which look amazing and with less price tag, Sapphire Echo - Blue LED is in the first place.
With price tag £4.22, you can make this amazing looking watch yours.

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