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Creative Yacht

A creative students team at L’├ęcole de has designed 47 foot yacht for sailing boat leader Benneteau's European competition. This Yacht design is quite different from others. A glass top is used as a light source to main cabin as well as the underlying rooms. This is efficient utilisation of light source and common space. Interior wise, this boat has a lower deck with a cot,mini sofa and TV for entertainment. Storage space under cot is well organised and shows the effective utilisation of storage space. Overall this is a combo pack Yacht with creative design and thoughts. Designers: Romain Benoit, Victor Blanchard, Yoann Deprost, Yoann Legaignoux, Vincent Derrien, Sola Takahashi Source : Yankodesign

Audi A6 super maxi yacht to be launched in Grandeur at Singapore

According to luxurylaunches  the new Audi A6 will be launched in grandeur at Singapore’s Marina Bay next month with the company planning an exclusive event. It is bringing its Audi ultra lightweight super maxi yacht to the One Degree 15 Marina Club. It is the first time a yacht of this superlative class and size will be anchored in Singapore. The yacht will be all of 14 stories and is just one of seven that is made. It has a number of world records to boast and has won two Maxi World Championships. It is also considered as one of the fastest sailboats in the world. It will be helmed by Ludde Ingvall, director of the Singapore Big Boat Racing Team, who will recruit young, local sailors to join the crew for the Audi ultra Racing Team. Source : luxurylaunches