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Pocket MacBook : Looks always deceive

Don't get deceived by the looks. This pocket Mac book may look exactly like Apple Mac book but its not.By seeing all pictures you can easily guess. Yes this is pretty looking Mirror which just fits in your pockets. Ladies who are crazy about MacBook design can have this in their hand bags for daily use. I am sure every lady uses mirror ten times a day. Of course I know I have said the count less :). Guys can plan this as a sweet and small Christmas gift to your girlfriend. I am sure she will adore it. Buy this product here : w3shstore  for 19.95 Euros Source : Blessthisstuff

New Mac Audio docks from XtremeMac

XtremeMac has launched four speaker systems tailored chiefly to iOS and Mac owners. Soma Stand The Soma Stand is rare in having a tent-like design which unfolds to reveal its dock and uses the two speakers as legs. It can fit everything up to iPads and lasts for as much as six hours on removable batteries. Soma Travel The Soma Travel is powered from the iOS device rather than a wall outlet or a battery. Its dock retracts to save space. Luna Voyager II The Luna Voyager II, replaces the core clock radio. The dock is low and exposed to support an iPad, and it teams up with a Luna Voyager iOS app to more easily set the two alarms, tune the FM radio, and choose presets. Tango Bar The Tango Bar plugs into any Mac or Windows PC but is deliberately shaped to tuck under the chin of a modern iMac, Cinema Display, or Thunderbolt Display. It outputs just 10W of power but has six speakers that include two each of tweeters, mid-range drivers, and passive bass radiators.