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Apple on its way towards flexible screen innovation. Another mileston to be reached by Apple

Apple faced criticism during initial days of iPhone 6. Many customers complained about iPhone 6 getting bent when you place it tight pocket. 

Looks Apple has taken this as an idea and applied its creativity to come up with a curved flexible screen iPhone. There is no way to complain isn't ?

Apple is planning to replace the the iPhone's current LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with a new organic light-omitting diode (OLED) screen - also used in the Apple Watch.

Looks Apple has already patented this design and working on this technology to release it in future. This will be a flexible electronic device with a flexible display and more rigid components.

Hope one day we will get flexible and transparent devices in a single pack  which is currently a proof of concept.

For more information click here

Gorilla Glass can be scratched. Beware if your smart phone has a Gorilla glass

Many smart phone companies claim that glass used in their Smart Phones are scratch free and they are tough. They even named it Gorilla glass. Have your ever wondered if Gorilla glass is really scratch free. If its scratch free till what extend ?

I was believing that there is no way to scratch Gorilla Glass until I came across this video on youtube.
The guy in "Unbox Therapy"  youtube channel tries scratching glass used in Apple watch with simple items like keys, knife and sand paper. 
Out of surprise, sand paper has the ability to scratch Gorilla glass (Ion X glass as claimed by Apple). Bit disappointed as proud owner of iPhone :(. 
Feel free to share your thoughts.

Wondered if Apple Siri becomes your Mom in real life ?? Check this funny video

I came across this funny video today and its pretty awesome. A lady after a bad day calls her mom and her mom responds to her as Siri. Check this out its really cool.

Rumors: Apple starts manufacturing iPhone 6

The iPhone 5S and particularly 5C (the colored version) did provide some new aspects but largely they were just the good ol’ iPhones in a new case with a new name. So it would be wise to suggest that iPhone 6 carries a lot of burden. And that Apple won’t ignore the heed of users to make some big changes.  It's rumored that we'll be seeing a 4.8 inch display, this news comes courtesy of some supply chain leaks that fell into the hands of the Wall Street Journal.
In simple words, the internet is going nuts with rumors, speculations, assumptions and lies. So we have taken the reliable news and separated it from mere speculation. Let’s begin looking at the facts and rumors objectively.   

Hype of iPhone 6
Some recent reports and surveys conducted throughout the US show that iPhone 6 is the most anticipated iPhone of all times. If you thought the excitement and the buildup to iPhone 5S was great, then you are in for a big surprise!
There were similar rumors in 2013. Many thought that…

Is iOS7 Copy of Android OS features ?

Yesterday Apple Inc has unveiled a new Operating system iOS 7 to its iPhone ,iTouch and iPad devices.

Many feel that Apple has lost its richness in display with its new iOS7. People even commented that "Apple hired 10 year old boy to design the icons". Funny isn't ?

Highlights on iOS7 features:

New system design with more simplicity.Includes subtle motion.Enhancements in weather app.Supports multiple apps to run at once.Swipe up and Swipe down across the display screen are implemented.Calender has been cleaned but and looks more streamlined.Redesign of all icons.Feature to organise your photos.Refreshed Siri virtual assistant.Siri voice is made more human than robotic.To deter theft, iPhone with a new Activation Lock turned on will need your Apple ID and password to reset and reactive.
For more highlights watch this video.

Will iOS7 a killer of Android OS ? I don't think so.

After going through all these features, do you feel that Apple has copied many features from A…

Ten years of tech

It's been a momentous decade for technological advance. Read on to see how far we've come and reminisce about a time where things were simple; that’s right - 2003.

With an influx of anniversaries recently - the fortieth year of the cell phone, the twentieth year of the internet and the tenth anniversary of tech tools that have become an integral part of our life, like iTunes and Skype - we’ve taken a look back at the past ten years of technology. Read on to feel old and amazed in equal measures.
Flashback to 2003
2003 doesn't feel like that long ago does it? Cast your mind back to what you were doing. Maybe you were gasping over the t.A.T.u. music video on MTV, wondering who these Black Eyed Peas were, queuing at the movies to see the last Lord of the Rings film or asking people if they'd seen the new show "Two and a Half Men". Of course, if you hadn't seen it, you'd just have to wait Blockbuster got the DVD in. Unless someone had taped it… 

You were prob…

Release date, expectations and features of iPad mini

IPad mini is the biggest controversy of this time in the technology world. Some said that the expected release date will be 17th of October of 2012 but that did not come true and now the rumors are saying that the date has been postponed and shifted to 23rd October. This is going to be a big date as many expectations are being associated with this small gadget. This small gadget is going to bring big changes in the year end in both the share market and competition of gadgets.

IPad mini is likely to be shown first time in the Apple town hall auditorium, after this first show iPad mini will hit the market shelves in November. If this device of Apple will compete other devices of same kind, this will be a great achievement of Apple, as it is introducing a mini tablet after a long break as compared to other brands. Google Nexus has already hit the hearts of tech lovers and iPad mini will make its space depending on the features and price on which Apple will offer it to the general consumer…

Keep all songs of a album under one basket in iTunes : Organizing Songs in iTunes

I have been facing this issue from past few days. Didn't get time to sort this out. Today, finally I sorted it out and would like to post few tips on sorting out songs items in your albums.

Organising songs or photos in iPod/iTouch/iPhone are very much necessary and help you to enjoy your music depending on your mood. You know what I mean here.

Many complain that songs in a single album are getting displayed as multiple albums. Its quite annoying isn't ? If you are facing this issue and would like to solve this issue, you have reached correct place.

In order to sort your songs in a album download mp3tag software from here. Its free software and if you are generous enough can generate some dollars through paypal from the same website. Install mp3tag software and run.

Once mp3tag is up and running, add album by selecting "File->Add directory" from Menu Bar. Now key thing comes here. iTunes first sorts all songs in a album based on "Album Artist". So, if y…

iRing : Lovely Ring to control Music on your Apple products

Apple has earned more brand value than any other product from past decade. If it a Apple product, customer expects the best quality. Many concept designs around the net are based on Apple devices, Apple accessories etc.

This is post is about a concept Apple product accessory. iRing, is a concept design which you can control your iPhone or iTouch using wireless technology.Charging is done with a mini USB cable. Full charge will last for 2 days.

Physically it just fits perfectly to your finger. It has a small OLED display with touch screen technology. Once the ring is paired to your Apple device, you can control your music player remotely with just tapping on your ring.

If this concept design becomes real, I will be the first to buy this iRing :).


iPad 2 or iPad 3 ? Very early to decide

Today Apple has announced its new iPad. Also the company has announced about dropping iPad 2 price to $399.

We have been watching news about Apple share prices and profits. They are more in profits than what they expected. That may be the reason they slashed the prices of iPad 2.

Now the question to people like me who are thinking to buy iPad 2 by paying $399, when iPad 3 is available with new features, why to choose iPad 2 ?

Is iPad 2 better than iPad 3 ? What are cons and pros in iPad 3 ?

It may be very early to discuss about these questions in todays post. Just in brief, Apple will offer the iPad 2 in two configurations, a 16GB Wi-Fi only model sells for $399. A 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G model (available on either AT&T or Verizon) sells for $529. The iPad 2 will continue to be available in either black or white.

Coming to new iPad 3 has 2048 x 1536-pixel 9.7 inch Retina HD display.It runs on an upgraded A5X dual-core processor that features quad-core graphics for a vast performance boo…

iWatch2 looks richer and wider compared to iWatch

Based on iWatch, designer Antonio DeRosa has come up with a new design and upgraded version of iWatch. As successor, its named as iWatch2. As you know iWatch has not hit the market yet. So, this concept design is just a prototype showing the richness of Apple devices as  your daily wearing gadget.

As discussed in earlier post, "iWatch with Siri from Apple may hit market soon" many people really look forward for this device with Siri integrated into it. Compare to iWatch, iWatch2 looks great and bit wide.

This visionary concept features 32GB memory,WiFi, Bluetooth connections to iPad/iPhone/iTouch device,iCloud integrated,front camera,LCD projects and Siri. Hope Apple considers this design and produce these type of products to their customers. As always fan of Apple products, I will be the first one to buy this gadget if it is available in market. How about you ?


Brief note on iBook-2 App for iPad

"One problem with education is, it can't be fixed with technology" these are the words from Steve Jobs. If Steve was there,by hearing the news of Apple releasing new iBook-2 app for iPad, he would have felt he was wrong.

Changing the current education system is very difficult but its not impossible. Apple always thinks different and will strive for making things possible which are impossible.

Apple has release iBook2 for iPad to change the education system. What exactly is iBook-2 ? What it does ?

iBook-2 obviously brings textbooks very handy to carry and read. Smart assistant feature is provided to help you while reading. All your doubts will be cleared using audio,video and animations. Its simple and cool.

This full screen textbook on iBook looks amazing and are designed not to strain your eyes.If you are a student, now you have better reason to ask your parents for a iPad for improving your education. Hope you don't misuse it by playing games all the time. I am s…

iWatch with Siri from Apple may hit market soon

There were many rumours in net about wearing computer will be released in future by Apple. Finally we are hitting the bottom of the rumour with latest news.Apple may soon launch iWatch which will be totally controlled by Siri. I feel no introduction required about revolutionary  personal assistant Siri which was introduced in iPhone 4S by Apple. 
Based on the images available in net, iWatch looks similar to mini version of iPhone screen. Through this watch, you can use Siri to access content from iCloud to your iPhone,iPad or iMac. You can even transfer data from these devices to iCloud. There are news about Apple launching its TV with Siri.Apple may use  this iWatch to send commands to Apple TV using Siri.

I am sure iWatch will act as a bridge between iPhone,iPad,Apple TV and other Apple gadgets. If this rumour is true, I will be the first person to feel happy and buy this iWatch as a present to myself.
In market, iPod Nano is being sold with wrist wrap to wear it as a watch but I a…

Apple Hairband Ear Phones : From Sang-hoon

Daily we see many concept designs in net.  As per my understanding, behind every concept design there will be a vision and they thrive to perfect the product. Due to lack of financial support and technical difficulties they struggle to enter market.

So,many designers they strive hard to get good impression from top companies like Apple to get their product funded and see their product as a part of successful and perfection product maker Apple or other top most companies.

Apple has already proved their quality of products with iPod,iPhone,iTouch and iPad devices. Accessories to these devices are yet to rock the work. One among them is this simple Apple Hairband.

This concept design is from Sang-hoon Lee who designed this product keeping Apple products in mind. These looks like a hairband and very sleek finish like all Apple products.

Apple logo which glows white when its playing music attracts people to buy this product for their Apple idevices.

Fore more details about the product, ju…

Disney Remote controlled iPhone Dock : Inspired by Tron Legacy Movie

When it comes to iPhone docks, there are many qualities available in market. To choose the best one, it is very difficult. If you choose the best, it will be quite expensive because nothing comes for cheap.
Inspired by Disney's epic movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney in collaboration with Monster cable has come up with a Artistic colorful dock station. Monster cable is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio/video components.
If you have seen Tron:Legacy movie, then you will be familiar with this disk shape with a glowing ring around it.

You can even find Tron logo printed on the dock.

This dock station features futuristic style and high definition sound. A special Tron app for iPhone/iPod is developed to control the soothing soft blue color light ring. Apps makes you light ring follow the rhythm of your favourite music.
Look wise this is pretty amazing and you can feel the real quality of materials used. Coming to sound, it is pretty impressive and del…

Dont allow your coffee to catch cold. Use iCup instead.

With enhanced advanced technologies and innovative ideas Onur Karaalioglu has developed iCup specially designed for Apple. You can make your cup of coffee, tea or hot water just by plugging in iCup to your PC through USB port. For easy handling, it contains heat filter, a duarable heat coil, attachable and detachable upper cup and handle.Its very easy to wash.

Apple logo sits on heatproof body as a indicator that shows the temperature of the inside content, blue for cool, orange for warm and pink for hot.

This reduces unnecessary breaks during your work and will be helpful to heat your coffee whenever it catches cold. Its cool isn't it ?

iSurge Travel Charging Station for iPod iPad and other devices

To spend lot of time on your gadgets needs good quality charger for feeding power to them. iSurge Travel Charging station will be introduced soon by Energizer.

Features :
Top mounted 30 pin dock for the iPod and iPhone
Two USB ports with 2.1Amp output for fast charging of iPad
Surge protected AC outlets,
180 degrees rotating plug
Integrated night light.
This product will be available in market by this October with a price tag of $60

Source : iLounge