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Apple on its way towards flexible screen innovation. Another mileston to be reached by Apple

Apple faced criticism during initial days of iPhone 6. Many customers complained about iPhone 6 getting bent when you place it tight pocket.  Looks Apple has taken this as an idea and applied its creativity to come up with a curved flexible screen iPhone. There is no way to complain isn't ? Apple is planning to replace the  the iPhone's current LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with a new organic light-omitting diode (OLED) screen - also used in the Apple Watch. Looks Apple has already patented this design and working on this technology to release it in future. This will be a flexible electronic device with a flexible display and more rigid components. Hope one day we will get flexible and transparent devices in a single pack  which is currently a proof of concept. For more information click here

Transparent Flexible Display from Samsung to Arrive soon

Are you ready for Transparent gadget  future ? We never thought of having a Mobile phones but now we are using Smart phones. Once things which were impossible, are now possible. Now many are gossipping about  Transparent gadgets. Few say "Its impossible" but few are too optimistic, they say "Everything is possible". Samsung is currently working on Flexible display technology using AMOLED. With this technology, all smartphones, tablets and other geeky gadgets having display are going to transform into a thin transparent flexible screen. Right now this is just a concept ad revealed by Samsung for it customers to have glimpse of amazing future technology. With arrival of this, life still become easier and fun. Check this video yourself Coming to price tag,  we need to wait and see :).