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Google self driving vehicles to hit familiar roads soon

As you all know Google has been developing a fully self-driving vehicle which starts just with a push of a button and carries people from source A to destination B.

If we take positive side of this, it provides mobility to millions of people by reducing about 94% accidents caused by human errors. It also helps to save many hours which are wasted in traffic. It also gives new opportunity to those who might otherwise be excluded by their inability to drive a car.

Soon this coming summer, google is planning to test few cars on familar roads to learn how these vehicles perform and how people react to these self-driving cars.

Google stated that rigorous testing of these vehicles at their test facilities is completed. We need to see how this will perform. Hope nobody hacks into the software of these vehicles which will create a big havoc. I am sure Google will come up with the best firewall to protect these vehicles.