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iWatch with Siri from Apple may hit market soon

There were many rumours in net about wearing computer will be released in future by Apple. Finally we are hitting the bottom of the rumour with latest news.Apple may soon launch iWatch which will be totally controlled by Siri. I feel no introduction required about revolutionary  personal assistant Siri which was introduced in iPhone 4S by Apple. 
Based on the images available in net, iWatch looks similar to mini version of iPhone screen. Through this watch, you can use Siri to access content from iCloud to your iPhone,iPad or iMac. You can even transfer data from these devices to iCloud. There are news about Apple launching its TV with Siri.Apple may use  this iWatch to send commands to Apple TV using Siri.

I am sure iWatch will act as a bridge between iPhone,iPad,Apple TV and other Apple gadgets. If this rumour is true, I will be the first person to feel happy and buy this iWatch as a present to myself.
In market, iPod Nano is being sold with wrist wrap to wear it as a watch but I a…

Apple to expand its iCloud technology all over the world

Many are aware of iPod,iPod Touch and iPad. But iCloud seems to be new Isn't ?
iCloud is online storage introduced by Apple for people who can access their information like photos,documents,videos, calender and more, any where any time on any idevices. iCloud is free with iOS5.

iCloud is the easiest way to access and manage your content.To access your contents you need a single Apple Id and password. iCloud stores yours contents so its always accessible from your  iPad,iPhone,iTouch,Mac or PC.
Using iCloud you can keep your emails, contacts and calenders up to date across all your devices.
When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. Your purchased apps,music,books don't count against your free storage.

Having iCloud account is an added advantage to music lovers.The music purchase in iTunes
appears automatically on all your devies. Your can also download your past iTunes purchases.With this option, you can access music from any device at any time. iClou…