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Rumors: Apple starts manufacturing iPhone 6

The iPhone 5S and particularly 5C (the colored version) did provide some new aspects but largely they were just the good ol’ iPhones in a new case with a new name. So it would be wise to suggest that iPhone 6 carries a lot of burden. And that Apple won’t ignore the heed of users to make some big changes.  It's rumored that we'll be seeing a 4.8 inch display, this news comes courtesy of some supply chain leaks that fell into the hands of the Wall Street Journal.
In simple words, the internet is going nuts with rumors, speculations, assumptions and lies. So we have taken the reliable news and separated it from mere speculation. Let’s begin looking at the facts and rumors objectively.   

Hype of iPhone 6
Some recent reports and surveys conducted throughout the US show that iPhone 6 is the most anticipated iPhone of all times. If you thought the excitement and the buildup to iPhone 5S was great, then you are in for a big surprise!
There were similar rumors in 2013. Many thought that…