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Bose-IQ : Party Dock with five iPod/iPhone slots

You would have heard about iPhone dock. If you have iPhone/iPod, you would really love to buy one dock for yourself to play your favourite music when you are alone. When you are throwing a party or when your friends invite you to party, what will happen if  only single iPod dock is available ? People in party keep on switching their iPhones/iPods to single dock to play and rock their favourite songs. Its difficult isn't ?

So, designer  Jason Farsai has come up with a Multi-Dock concept which lets your friends to contribute to the party Mix. Its named as "Bose iQ" This Dock will allow you to simultaneously dock up to five ipods or iphones, and then automatically queue up a mega mix of tunes from all of them.

Bose-iQ dock also includes a wide touch screen which displays the multi device library. It can also be remotely controlled with a remote.

It will also charge all the devices simultaneously while they are docked. This will be amazing isn't?

Disney Remote controlled iPhone Dock : Inspired by Tron Legacy Movie

When it comes to iPhone docks, there are many qualities available in market. To choose the best one, it is very difficult. If you choose the best, it will be quite expensive because nothing comes for cheap.
Inspired by Disney's epic movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney in collaboration with Monster cable has come up with a Artistic colorful dock station. Monster cable is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio/video components.
If you have seen Tron:Legacy movie, then you will be familiar with this disk shape with a glowing ring around it.

You can even find Tron logo printed on the dock.

This dock station features futuristic style and high definition sound. A special Tron app for iPhone/iPod is developed to control the soothing soft blue color light ring. Apps makes you light ring follow the rhythm of your favourite music.
Look wise this is pretty amazing and you can feel the real quality of materials used. Coming to sound, it is pretty impressive and del…

Make your camera follow your action : Swivl Stand

There will be occasions where you are left alone and would like to capture some video or you may be willing to  capture a video without anyone absence. It may be hard to capture video or photos without second party.

But with Swivl Stand filming yourself or themselves will be very easy. It is designed to hold an iPhone, iPod Touch , any Android phone or Flip camera. The moment you fix the camera device and start recording, it captures your movies by using an advanced Multi-Axis Motion mechanism.

This makes your to share your ideas,share you game , share live video on webcam while cooking in kitchen and many more.

This Swivl Stand is a concept design undergoing strees testing which will be soon available in market.

Advantage with this stand is there is no setup required and tripod compatible. It is available now for pre-order,with a price tag of $160.

If you want to make your camera to follow your action, then this is the must buy gadget.

Buy it here

Nest Thermostat: Worth buying to save energy and money

Many people remember  Steve Jobs when we speak about iPod. They forget about Tony Fadell who created iPod for Apple. Tony Fadell an ex-employee of Apple has introduced a new product named Nest.

Nest is a learning Thermostat that always learns about the user daily habits and adjusts itself to keep house comfortable and efficient. Thermostats which we use are no way comparable with Nest in terms of design and look. It looks amazing and beautiful.

Its easy to install and it need basic rotary input. Its saves energy and money based on intelligent calculations. Suppose if parents are at work and children are at school it simply switches off cooler and heaters. It automatically starts heater before parents and children arrive home. It also keeps climate control in a high efficient mode while its users are asleep.

You can even control this device with your iPhone using an App available from App store.
Do you imaging how much Nest can save a typical American household on its energy bill ? A …

Smart iPod and iPhone Travel charger : MiPow Power Tube

Power Tube 3000 looks really solid travel charger ideal for iPod and iPhone devices. This is "Made for iPhone" certified product.

A built-in female USB port ensures its compatibility to most mobile phones and game consoles, simply use the original detachable USB charging cable of your gadgets (phone or game consoles) and it starts providing juice to your gadgets when needed.

 The built-in male USB is designed for convenient re-charge without any cable through a powered USB equipment, the indicators tell you the status of charging. A simple press on the button on top will tell you how much juice left of the power tube, red means below 30%, green means 30-70% and blue means 70% up.

If you are a music lover and travel a lot, then this product will be suitable for you. Its size is very compact and fits in corner of your bag.
 One of the best iPod/iPhone travel charger available in market.

 It available in various colors. Choose according to your taste.
Compact in size

New Mac Audio docks from XtremeMac

XtremeMac has launched four speaker systems tailored chiefly to iOS and Mac owners.

The Soma Stand is rare in having a tent-like design which unfolds to reveal its dock and uses the two speakers as legs. It can fit everything up to iPads and lasts for as much as six hours on removable batteries.

The Soma Travel is powered from the iOS device rather than a wall outlet or a battery. Its dock retracts to save space.

The Luna Voyager II, replaces the core clock radio. The dock is low and exposed to support an iPad, and it teams up with a Luna Voyager iOS app to more easily set the two alarms, tune the FM radio, and choose presets.

The Tango Bar plugs into any Mac or Windows PC but is deliberately shaped to tuck under the chin of a modern iMac, Cinema Display, or Thunderbolt Display.

It outputs just 10W of power but has six speakers that include two each of tweeters, mid-range drivers, and passive bass radiators. It can take headphone output as well as line out and a connection to add a d…

Detect Natural disasters before using your iPhone or iTouch with RDTX

Few months back Tsunami in Japan  and now hurricane in US. No body can save humankind from natural disasters. What if we are alarmed before any natural disaster like earthquake,hurricane,tsunami,nuclear radiation levels etc. It will be great isn't ?

Scosche has come up with RDTX pro a iPhone accessory, which will be soon available in market. The RDTX pro attaches to iPhone or iPod Touch and turns into a radiation detector. Using iPod screen as display via a free app it provides details about natural disasters to user.

RDTX doesn't need any calibration because its designed to ensure consistency accurate gamma radiation detection. Without using iPhone or iTouch it can alarm user about any natural disasters. It has individual battery which can feed power upto 96 hours. Using iPhone free app, you can publish results on social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

This device will be available soon with a price tag of $329 with $10 going towards Japanese Earthquake relief fun…

iSurge Travel Charging Station for iPod iPad and other devices

To spend lot of time on your gadgets needs good quality charger for feeding power to them. iSurge Travel Charging station will be introduced soon by Energizer.

Features :
Top mounted 30 pin dock for the iPod and iPhone
Two USB ports with 2.1Amp output for fast charging of iPad
Surge protected AC outlets,
180 degrees rotating plug
Integrated night light.
This product will be available in market by this October with a price tag of $60

Source : iLounge

Pocket Bluetooth Keybord from verbatim

Verbatim has released a new pocket keyboard gadget for available tablets in market,iPod,iPhone and iPad 1/iPad 2 devices.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your bluetooth enabled tablet, then Verbatim Mobile Keyboard will be perfect to choose.
Ultra compact design for maximum portability
Carrying case.
Build-in media console allowing you to play,pause and control iTunes Music with touch of button.
A retractable iPhone stand
Hot Keys compatibility chart
For system requirements, Specifications and benefits click here.

Watch this video to know more about this device

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Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++
 Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in Projector
New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets

Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++

Microvision Inc has just announced the second generation of its SHOWWX laser pico projector which was released in November 2010.
The new SHOWWX++ is very compact and fits in your back pocket.SHOWWX++ uses laser scanning technology to display images. As its predecesssor, SHOWWX++ is powered by the same PicoP display engine
Features: Pocket friendly size
50 percent brighter display than predecessor
Projects 16:9 wide screen images Upto 848x480 pixel resolution
Contrast ration 5000:1
Projects images ranging from 15 to 250cm(6-100inches)
Rechargeable  batteries (2 hours)
Infinite Focus Plug & Play Thin & light Movie Capable Wide field view Wide Screen resolution
This product is specially made for iPod,iPhone and iPad. This is also compatible with other devices like smart phone,TV/Video-Output adapter, camcoders and cameras. Various accessories are available for this device from Microvision . Know about them here.

New SHOWWX++ now supports HDMI out.

This product is now available. Buy it here