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Is iOS7 Copy of Android OS features ?

Yesterday Apple Inc has unveiled a new Operating system iOS 7 to its iPhone ,iTouch and iPad devices.

Many feel that Apple has lost its richness in display with its new iOS7. People even commented that "Apple hired 10 year old boy to design the icons". Funny isn't ?

Highlights on iOS7 features:

New system design with more simplicity.Includes subtle motion.Enhancements in weather app.Supports multiple apps to run at once.Swipe up and Swipe down across the display screen are implemented.Calender has been cleaned but and looks more streamlined.Redesign of all icons.Feature to organise your photos.Refreshed Siri virtual assistant.Siri voice is made more human than robotic.To deter theft, iPhone with a new Activation Lock turned on will need your Apple ID and password to reset and reactive.
For more highlights watch this video.

Will iOS7 a killer of Android OS ? I don't think so.

After going through all these features, do you feel that Apple has copied many features from A…

Bose-IQ : Party Dock with five iPod/iPhone slots

You would have heard about iPhone dock. If you have iPhone/iPod, you would really love to buy one dock for yourself to play your favourite music when you are alone. When you are throwing a party or when your friends invite you to party, what will happen if  only single iPod dock is available ? People in party keep on switching their iPhones/iPods to single dock to play and rock their favourite songs. Its difficult isn't ?

So, designer  Jason Farsai has come up with a Multi-Dock concept which lets your friends to contribute to the party Mix. Its named as "Bose iQ" This Dock will allow you to simultaneously dock up to five ipods or iphones, and then automatically queue up a mega mix of tunes from all of them.

Bose-iQ dock also includes a wide touch screen which displays the multi device library. It can also be remotely controlled with a remote.

It will also charge all the devices simultaneously while they are docked. This will be amazing isn't?