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Mouse for 3D High Tech applications from 3D connexion

We all know about conventional mouse which we use in our daily life to work on PC or a laptop. Have you ever thought about mouse used by people working on 3D high tech applications ? Do they use conventional mouse to work  ? I am sure it's a big NO. They normally use a different mouse while working on 3D high tech applications.

3D connexion has recently released 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro for high tech application control for professional 3D software users.

3Dconnexion has patented 6-degrees of freedom sensor which provides precise navigation with on-screen display to deliver optimum experience for its users.This device can be used in variety industries from product design, architecture,media and entertainment.

This product is designed and developed to meet all needs of 3D users starting from novice to advanced users. Overall this gadget will be a must own product for 3D professional users.

This amazing product is available at amazon for $291.99

Source : amazon 

iTwin : Simple,Secure and Safe file sharing device

Today, I came across an amazing device which won red design award 2011.This can be an alternative to Cloud computing technology.We cant say its total replacement but its cheaper,secure and more convenient.

The device name is iTwin. From name you can expect there will be two look alike parts. iTwin like a USB stick and provides you unlimited storage capacity (depends on capacity of your hard drive) when connected to your computer.

You need to follow only 3 simple steps to use this device.
1.Plug iTwin into your ONLINE office computer.
2.Drag and Drop files into iTwin Windows to share them.
3.Plug iTwin to any ONLINE computer anywhere anytime.

With iTwin, you can work securely from outside office or home. It allows you to access,modify and upload your files remotely.There is no need of VPN token card required, no login required, no configuration required.

Technically speaking this device is with AES-256 Hardware Encryption.So your data is safe and secure.
Its compatible with both Windo…

New Mac Audio docks from XtremeMac

XtremeMac has launched four speaker systems tailored chiefly to iOS and Mac owners.

The Soma Stand is rare in having a tent-like design which unfolds to reveal its dock and uses the two speakers as legs. It can fit everything up to iPads and lasts for as much as six hours on removable batteries.

The Soma Travel is powered from the iOS device rather than a wall outlet or a battery. Its dock retracts to save space.

The Luna Voyager II, replaces the core clock radio. The dock is low and exposed to support an iPad, and it teams up with a Luna Voyager iOS app to more easily set the two alarms, tune the FM radio, and choose presets.

The Tango Bar plugs into any Mac or Windows PC but is deliberately shaped to tuck under the chin of a modern iMac, Cinema Display, or Thunderbolt Display.

It outputs just 10W of power but has six speakers that include two each of tweeters, mid-range drivers, and passive bass radiators. It can take headphone output as well as line out and a connection to add a d…