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Letters as Shelves in you home : From Quattria

Coming to interior decoration, the more creative you think, the more amazing it looks. In this post, we talk about the creative thought which started as project became reality.

Quattria has introduced new acrylic letter forms which looks and servers purpose of shelves. They tell lot about your room and home quite literally. One can buy these shelves in terms of letter and form words.

Each letters are sold individually to allow you the freedom to put things in your own words.If it is a study room, choose "BOOKS" and place your books in it. If it is a living room, choose "LOVE". It depends on your requirement to choose the word according to your taste.

These can be placed on floor or hanged on the wall or can be used as room divider. This is an amazing thought from Richard Mollon.

Buy these letter shelves from Quattria starting from 130 Euros

Source : Quattria